Jan 14

Australian bloggers: Get to know Souri from Fabulous Femme

The blogging landscape in Australia is growing, as young women start sharing their passion for dressing well, eating right and keeping active. Souri is an Australian blogger who has found success in writing about everything from her photography to her outfits and what she gets up to each day. She was kind enough to answer some questions for the Get to Know Australian Bloggers Series which I am starting in 2014.

In her own words…

I’m Souri Sengdara (pronounced ‘Suri’ like Suri Cruise). I currently reside in the stylish city, Melbourne in Australia. My blog www.fabulous-femme.com features beautiful events, fashion and wonderful photography mainly from Melbourne, Australia. I just love fashion (who doesn’t?). I love to travel and my job as wedding photographer takes me sometimes to wonderful places around the world. A great combination to create a blog.

When did you first start blogging and why?

I started on the 01/04/2013 … April fools day … just this year. I always wanted to create a platform to showcase all the beautiful photos I create. So I had to start a blog.

How did you get the following that you have? Was it a welcome accident, or did you work hard to get your blog noticed?

I was a little bit surprised by the quick uptake. I believe people just love looking at my beautiful pictures. My blog is not only about myself and my style – I love to feature other people with my beautiful photos.

What is the most popular post on your blog?

It’s pretty much all the posts about this years spring racing carnival. People look at: http://www.fabulous-femme.com/spring-racing-carnival-melbourne-2013-the-best-pictures/ to get all the links to my over 30 blog posts around the spring racing. I am proud to say that it is one of the most comprehensive coverages of the Melbourne Cup this year.

Your greatest achievement?

My kids :-)

What is your absolute favourite topic to write about?

I just love the spring racing carnival in Melbourne. Lots of interesting people, fashion, colours …

And of course weddings. I just love everything about them …

Favourite retail stores?

Too many to list … I don’t have any preferences. I perfer a certain style. Style and quality are important to me. But sometimes I get surprised myself what I find in shops I usually don’t go to. It is important to venture out and find new things.

Do you prefer to shop online or offline?

I love online shopping for the convience – but you can’t beat the “offline” shopping experience. You can touch and feel the materials – try things.

Least favourite trend?

There is nothing specific – every fashion trend is interesting – they come and go. You can’t follow every trend. Be yourself! Dress for your own comfort and body shape.

Hashtag you will never use?

What is a Hashtag? Yes …I just recently learned more about all the “features” of social media … I am still struggling with @ & #.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Easy: I live there! Melbourne!

When I didn’t want to live there I would move away.

Best present anyone can give you?

Surprise me with a nice experience that will not kill me or scare me.

Do you have any words of advice you have for anyone wanting to start their own blog, fashion or otherwise?

Do it for fun! Do it around a topic you are passionate about and you will have success when you are dedicated and put effort in it.

Souri blogs at fabulous-femme. You can also follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ & Twitter!

Dec 13

New Style Maven Facebook page

Style Maven now has a Facebook page which will be updated regularly. Please like, comment & share for updates and news!

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Dec 13

Del Toro Spring/ Summer 2014

Handcrafted smoking flats tell a whimsical story with every step. View the entire collection here:)

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Dec 13

Beautiful examples of architecture






Cottage | via Tumblr


Untitled | via Tumblr

Upside down?

Upside down home.



Dec 13

Summer is here…

Dec 13

Believe it or not, these celebrities are the same age

Although Alexis looks like she just stepped out of college, she’s actually the same age as Beyonce (32)

Who’d have thought voluptuous Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton and Disney star Selena Gomez would be born in the same year? 21 years old, just a month apart.

Both Emma Stone and Adele are 24, can you tell?

Beautiful World : Celebrities of the Same Age (16 Pics)

Taylor Swift & Adele

Celebrities Who Are the Same Age But Don’t Look It  Chris Rock Charlie Sheen 47 yrs

Charlie Sheen’s alleged drug use probably didn’t do much good for his looks. Both are 48.

Nov 13

How to prepare for and pack for a trip

Many of us struggle with packing the right things when we go travelling, I know I do. Packing involves leaving most of my garments at home, and without some planning it’s not fun sifting through clothes I’m not able to wear! I’ve made all the mistakes below but I’ve learnt from them. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure these tips should be useful:

Plan your outfits in advance

Avoid throwing in random articles of clothing into your suitcase. You won’t be able to put together a decent outfit if you blindly take five pairs of shorts and only two t-shirts, or forget to pack a jacket for cooler weather. Take some time to sort out your wardrobe and wear everything you bring – plan each outfit for the day and you won’t have issues.

If you’re travelling for business…

If you regularly travel for work it might be worth investing in a larger suitcase to prevent from folding and creasing your clothes. You can store several outfits in one without folding them – which hopefully means you don’t have to search for an iron at the hotel!

Know the climate

Some  places can be warm during the day and very cool at night – do some quick research, check out what the locals are wearing, ask around. Bring clothing that you’re going to be comfortable in and that will be suitable for the weather.

Bring a few items of clothing in your carry-on

Lost luggage is unfortunately not an unusual phenomenon, anyone who has been travelling for any length of time will tell you – it happens. To save yourself from that risk pack some clothing; underwear, shorts/jeans, t-shirt, jacket in your carry-on.

While on the plane

Experienced travelers know the importance of being comfortable on the plane. Wear loose clothing, track pants and a sweatshirt/ zip jacket should be fine. I recommend a hoodie as it can get cold and sometimes the airline doesn’t provide blankets.

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